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Festivals are always taken to the extremes ? if it?s not knee deep in mud, it?s so hot you might as well not wear a stitch. However, it?s no fun to roll around in the mud alone and it?s always nice to have a gorgeous and scantily clad partner by your side, especially when you want to show the world how lucky you are to have them. Why not find your perfect festival partner to share your tent with online today with Festival Lovers Dating if you?re a single festival lover in the UK?

Here at Festival Lovers, we absolutely promise that registration is completely free, giving you the opportunity to check our line up and the site before making a commitment. Sound appealing? Then complete the simple sign up process and make a start on your love life today. We promise we won?t ask for a dime until you think yo0u?ve found the gorgeous guy or gal to make contact with and what?s more, our fee is a hell of a lot cheaper than Glastonbury tickets...

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